Obokuri Eeumi

I was sitting around this evening, thinking of nothing in particular (though I was reading some literature that MICA had sent me), and a concept struck me. It was this:

Art is the moment between what its creator intends It to be and what the viewer perceives It to be.

You can tell me what you think about that idea but I'll tell you what I think of it. I think it applies equally to most forms of art, if not all forms of art, and moreover, applies to most everything. I am an atheist and I think it's an adequate description of the universe itself. In my interpretation, the creator is the process, the viewer is our consciousness, and the meaning of life is the moment inbetween. In the interpretation of a religious person, it could easily be equated in the same way but with deity. In a less philsophical sense, many artforms are an expression of my thesis, such as dance. Dances are often created by choreographers, and the audience appreciates the art itself when the art is in motion. Inspiration comes to the dancers, and when expressed, the audience percieves it, but the art is in the midst; it is in the whirlwind.

In my interpretation, photography is just this: a moment suspended, a chance to extrapolate the intension and interpretation.


Samantha said...

you are quite brilliant. and i quite agree with you - but what does "obokuri eeumi" mean?

Anonymous said...

I saw somewhere that Obokuri Eeumi means "Obtain bearing"

Anonymous said...

Maybe the song "Obokuri eeumi" by Ikue Asazaki is meant.
There are a few discussions about the meaning of the lyrics, which is mabe connected with the definition of art in the comment.